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aBEErate Verification Agency (Pty) Ltd Reg. No: 2011/104879/07

Verification - Complaints

A user of the results of the verification of a BBBEE-verified measured entity can expect to have any complaints investigated and if these are determined to be valid, have confidence that the complaints shall be appropriately addressed and that a reasonable effort shall be made to resolve the complaint in a timely manner. The effective resolution of complaints is an important means of protection for the BEE Verification Agency, its verified measured entities and other users against errors, omissions or unreasonable behaviour. Confidence in verification activities is safeguarded when complaints are processed appropriately.
 The complaints handling process is as follows:

    • Should the Measured Entity not be satisfied with the behaviour/ conduct of any personnel involved in the verification process, they have the right to lodge a complaint.
    • The complaint must be lodged within 7 days of the incident which was the result of the complaint.
    • The Verification Manager shall assign an independent person who was not involved in the incident from which the complaint originated.
    • The person assigned to the complaint shall send the Measured Entity an acknowledgement of the complaint.
    • The Assigned person has to resolve the complaint within 10 days of it being assigned to that person by means of a findings report.

The complaint has to be investigated and seriousness of the behaviour/ conduct which was the result of the complaint has to be considered. Should it be found by the investigator that there was negligence involved, disciplinary action has to be considered.

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