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aBEErate Verification Agency (Pty) Ltd Reg. No: 2011/104879/07

Verification - Appeals

If a client wishes to appeal their score they would be required to follow the process which includes:.

      • The Measured Entity has the right to appeal against the verification results on the verification Report and scorecard within 7 days of receipt thereof.
      • If the Measured Entity lodged an appeal, the administrator will bring it to the Verification Manager’s attention, who will assign an independent person of the area affected by the appeal.
      • The Assigned person shall send the client an acknowledgement of receipt.
      • The Assigned person shall investigate the appeal.
      • Once a decision is made by the assigned person, they shall send a findings report to the Measured Entity.
      • If the Verification Report and Certificate has been amended as a result of the appeal, the last mentioned will be sent to the Measured Entity.
      • All appeals shall be resolved in a timely manner by aBEErate.
      • An appeal shall be resolved within a maximum of 30 days of the initial lodging of the appeal.

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